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State-of-the-art hardware to ensure nothing but the best

Every system we build is with the owner’s requirements in mind. We use state-of-the-art hardware sourced from the leading manufacturers and airtime providers to ensure nothing but the best.

That is why shipyards, integrators and yacht crew depend on our expertise and knowledge within this field to help deliver a superior system, both in quality and function.

VSAT Systems

Satellite Communications
Service & Support

The team have installed hundreds of stabilised VSAT and TVRO terminals all over the world and are experts in this field. If you require high bandwidth connections that are always on and reliable, have multiple systems or are in search of a unique solution which has never been done before, come and speak to us.

TVRO Systems

Satellite Reception
RF Distribution
Antenna Hardware
Satellite Receivers
Custom Control GUI

We have installed everything, from the simplest single TVRO antenna system to an eight TVRO fully-switching, fully pairable solution. Switching time is measured in milliseconds which means you never lose reception when the vessel is spinning at anchor.

5G / LTEA Dome Solutions

The ultimate 4G/5G marine solution. We have partnered with BlueSIM to install and maintain their portfolio of 4G/5G radome solutions. The BlueSIM 5G radome is essentially a router and antennas combination mounted inside of the radome. Tested over 600Mbps in port and at anchor and a solid connection up to 35Km offshore.

IPTV Solutions

When sailing out of conventional satellite footprints, we have many solutions to still receive your favorite TV, sports, News and satellite channels using IPTV over VSAT, WiFi or 4G. Let us know what channel you want to receive and we will provide you with a solution anywhere in the world.

Distributed Antenna Systems

GSM Coverage at Sea
RF Amplification
Euro/US Repeaters

We provide wideband cellular connectivity on a single hardware layer with design and installation that’s easy, flexible and familiar, resembling the way WiFi is installed. It’s made up of just five components, but those five components make our solution different to other in-yacht wireless solutions.

5G / LTEA / GSM Systems

High Speed Terrestrial Internet
Data Bonding
MIMO Antennas

When in port or dropping anchor, 4G/5G is the preferred broadband connection for a majority of vessels. We have provided 4G/LTEA broadband connections as far as 15km offshore, bonded uninterrupted SIM connections, and provided unique IP addresses to overcome geo-restrictions. We have developed our own solution which is fully tested all over the world.

Antenna Control Modules

iPad portable

Together with our partners at A-knowledge, we have designed a system that allows the crew on board to efficiently manage their TVRO and VSAT satellite systems. Using our module, they can create and maintain a list of satellite feeds and command the vessel’s antennas to track those feeds automatically. The module enables the crew to pair antennas to ensure signal feed is uninterrupted while travelling, and any feed being tracked can then be easily switched to the appropriate satellite receivers.

Fiber Optics

Our engineers are certified on fujikura fiber optic splicing equipment and fault finding. We utilize fiber optic transmissions where possible to maximize performance or to overcome long coaxial runs.

LAN Management